I am originally from Brasilia, the capital of Brazil but I have lived in the U.S. for twenty years. I come from a simple family where education and elegance were the focus of everything I did. No, I don’t come from a rich family. On the contrary, I grew up in a low-middle class household. My parents gave me the amazing gift of education because, according to them,  that was the only thing no one could take away from me. They were right! So, all that education brought me to the U.S. where I got a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems and now I work in Digital Analytics in one of the largest communications company in the world.


I am the luckiest person and I have had the opportunity to experience so much professionally and personally. I love people and I love the whole learning/teaching combo. I believe in learning something new every day and I try my best to hold myself to this. Here, at Cool N Chic, that’s what I do. I share my experiences, my thoughts and the meaningful conversations I have with amazing people from all kinds of backgrounds.


With all that said, being educated, to may parents, and to me today, also meant having manners and taking etiquette and modeling classes, learning how to behave around all kinds of people, studying languages, taking classical ballet, and above all, having poise. I am not a fashionista nor do I believe in following trends. I actually run away from trends. I like to be authentic and unique and that’s what this blog is about. I want to help people realize they can be beautiful, smart, confident and successful being who they are. But above all, Cool N Chic is about promoting being elegant, cultured and open-minded regardless of the tribe you identify yourself with.



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