The end of the week is near and you are committed to enjoying your weekend. You want to relax, see your friends, enjoy your family and have fun. There is so much you want to do. But, honestly, where do you even start? I have figured out (and mastered) the best way to end my week and have an amazing weekend. You may or may not be surprised by what I am going to say but here are the three things you should start doing today to start your weekend off right:


1- Work Out At The End Of Your Day

No matter what you do or what your Friday night plans are, incorporate exercise at the end of your day. This is a great way to distress and let all your worries out. In addition, exercising releases endorphins, the happy hormones. You don’t necessarily need to go to the gym but make sure you do some sort of exercise for at least 30 minutes. Go for a walk, get on your bike, jump rope, swim, you name it. Do something that gets your heart rate up and brings you pleasure. If you are like me and exercise on a daily basis, do your work out and weight-lifting routine. There is nothing better than ending the day with an awesome work out.


2- Go To The Sauna

Most gyms these days have a sauna or steam room. Take advantage of that. After your work out, take a lukewarm shower and clean yourself really well. DO NOT go in the sauna right after working out and with your work out clothes. The shower will get rid of your sweat and remove bacteria that can be reproduced in a hot environment. Plus, you don’t wan to stink up the sauna, especially if it is a communal sauna. Ideally you should go in naked but I prefer to go in with a bikini. Take a towel and sit or lay on it for about 5-10 minutes. Get out, drink some water and take a 15 second cold shower. Yes, a cold shower. This will activate your circulation. Go in again for another 5-10 minutes and end with a cold shower and another round of fresh and cold water. I am telling you, there is nothing better. Talk about getting relaxed and ready for your evening.


3- Eat A Healthy Meal

After working out and enjoying the sauna, make sure to have a good and healthy meal. Only you know what is good and healthy for you but try to eat well. If you are planning on going out at night, this step is even more important, especially if you will be consuming alcohol. If you plan on going out for dinner, you can have a very light meal so it doesn’t interfere with your dinner plans. The point here is to replenish your body after the workout and the sauna. Do not go without eating for too long, otherwise your relaxing routine will go down the drain.


And there you go! Try these three steps and you will be ready to start an amazing and relaxing weekend. I personally do this almost daily but I highly recommend adopting this routing after a stressful week. You will see the benefits of all this and I am sure you will be hooked.


Have great weekend!


Simone Santos

I am Brazilian by birth, American by heart! I created Cool N Chic with the intent of spreading the message that we are all "cool" in our own and authentic ways. Cool N Chic was created to bring people of all backgrounds together through mindfulness, self-development, healthy living and the desire to be fearlessly authentic. Even though I created this blog, it is not mine. It is ours and I welcome you, your wisdom and your energy.

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