A gratitude letter for Malu…

Dear Malu,

I do not even know how to start thanking you for all you have been in my life. Thank you for being my amazing therapist, spiritual teacher and friend. Thanks for helping me get through so much. Your teachings, your energy and your love have been paramount to me being who I am today. Thank you for your kindness, love, compassion, wisdom, and patience. You are an angel in my life and, I am sure, in the life of anyone who comes in contact with you.

When I met you back in 2013 I was broken. You met me at my worst and through a lot of work, patience and love you helped me go through the toughest period of my life. Thank you for being so kind during that process and for always making yourself available to talk to me. Thank you for making me see myself for who I am. It took some time but I think I finally have understood the message. And I thought I was just doing therapy. In reality, you were helping me grow spiritually without me even noticing. Thank you for always telling me to observe my feelings and my thoughts. Today I know this is the most powerful thing I can do in any situation and the only path to healing and growth. Thank you for becoming my dear friend. I love you so much. I love you as a person, as a professional and as a friend. Thank you for sticking with me and for believing in me. 

Thank you for taking care of me and for guiding me in the path of light and wisdom. My deepest gratitude to you for spreading your love and kindness to me and emanating the amazing energy only an enlightened being like you can have. Thank you for all the hugs and words of love when I really needed them. Thanks for always sending me messages that uplift me and my spirit. Thanks for existing and for being in my life. I do not know how I would have gone through my divorce without you. I do not know how I could still be here going through so much without your light. You are very special to me. Know that, to me, you are one of the most important people in my life. I am so grateful we crossed paths. Thank you for being by my side even when not physically present with me. Your energy is always with me and I am grateful for that.

You have changed my life and you have made me see so much I could not see. Thank you for showing me the way and for loving me for who I am.

With all my love and gratitude,



Simone Santos

I am Brazilian by birth, American by heart! I created Cool N Chic with the intent of spreading the message that we are all "cool" in our own and authentic ways. Cool N Chic was created to bring people of all backgrounds together through mindfulness, self-development, healthy living and the desire to be fearlessly authentic. Even though I created this blog, it is not mine. It is ours and I welcome you, your wisdom and your energy.

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