A gratitude letter for my dear friend Tina…


How to even start thanking you for all the great moments we have had? We met in 1997 when we both worked at Americel. We worked in the same department so it was natural to develop some level of friendship. Well, little did we know that that would be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Thank you for being my dear friend for all these years. Thank you for being so much fun, smart, spunky, and a little crazy. I am honored to call you my friend.

Thank you for being my plus one when I won a trip to Bahia at a tourist fair. Traveling with you was a gift from the Universe. We were in paradise and we enjoyed every second. Our relationship definitely strenghtened after that trip. Thank you for showing me how to live life fully and with no attachments. Thanks for teaching me how to enjoy each moment as if it were our last. I will never forget that trip and the bond we created back then.

Since I left Brazil we never lost touch. Every time I go back, we always find a way to see each other. I love going to your house and having lunch with you. It has become our tradition. We have lunch, coffee and then go out some place. Spending time and energy together is what I always look forward to when I am in Brasilia. Thank you. It has happened that we even met in Rio back in 2014. How amazing was that? In fact, my first trip to Rio was with you in 1997, remember? I loved every second. Because of you I was introduced to one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It was a great way to end the year and start a new one.

I cannot put into words how much I love and appreciate you. You are the definition of chic. I have never met anyone as elegant as you. You have poise, class, yet you are so authentic and so you. I love this about you. I learned from you that being elegant is simply being authentic. It is true and because of you Cool N Chic is what it is. You are my Cool N Chic muse.

Thank you for being by my side all these years. Thanks for coming to see me in Atlanta a few years back and for always sharing your amazing trips and adventures. You are an inspiration as a person, a woman, a mother and a friend. Thanks for being you!

With all my love and gratitude,



Simone Santos

I am Brazilian by birth, American by heart! I created Cool N Chic with the intent of spreading the message that we are all "cool" in our own and authentic ways. Cool N Chic was created to bring people of all backgrounds together through mindfulness, self-development, healthy living and the desire to be fearlessly authentic. Even though I created this blog, it is not mine. It is ours and I welcome you, your wisdom and your energy.

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