A gratitude letter for Venerable Nicholas…

Dear Venerable Nicholas,

Thank you for teaching me about meditation and for always greeting me with a smile every time I walked into the Georgia Meditation Center. It was always so peaceful and special to me to walk in there and see you by the door waiting for people to come in. Your peaceful smile always warmed up my heart. Thank you for being such a positive influence in my life.

Until I met you I had never seen a monk. Of course I knew about monks from what I saw on TV. I was in awe with your teachings, your guided meditation and your wisdom. Thank you for showing me a different way to see life. I am beyond grateful for all the work you did at the Georgia Meditation Center. You will be happy to know I now meditate every day and to this day I use your guided meditation I found on YouTube. So, even though you are in California, you are always guiding my meditation practice. Thank you. I also make a point to watch your teachings over and over. No words can describe my gratitude for all that I have learned from you.

Thank you for the amazing meditation retreat in Azusa, California back in June of 2018. The minute Bee told us about it, I said I was going to go. It was wonderful to see you again and learn from you. I cannot wait to go back, hopefully for another retreat. Had it not been for you, I do not think I would have persisted with my practice. You have an amazing way to bring people together and to pass on so much wisdom in a way anyone can understand.

Thank you for being such a great influence in my life. I hope I get to see you again soon so I can thank you in person. Thank you for your wisdom, your teachings and your charisma.

With all my gratitude,



Simone Santos

I am Brazilian by birth, American by heart! I created Cool N Chic with the intent of spreading the message that we are all "cool" in our own and authentic ways. Cool N Chic was created to bring people of all backgrounds together through mindfulness, self-development, healthy living and the desire to be fearlessly authentic. Even though I created this blog, it is not mine. It is ours and I welcome you, your wisdom and your energy.

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