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It’s Black History Month and it is a month where we are reminded what our black brothers and sisters have gone through and continue to grow through as racism is still very prevalent. It is also a month to celebrate their contributions in culture, religion, politics, the arts, you name it. It is a month of awareness,
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Let me go ahead and say it, 2020 is the best year of our lives! Now, hold on. I know what you are thinking. Is she crazy? Has she lost her mind? You see, it’s all a matter of perspective. If you stop and think, a lot of our dreams have come true this year. Thing is, we were not ready for all of them to come true at t
Around the web lately I’ve seen this topic around self-improvement being toxic. That personal development causes people to strive to be their best self but really leaves them unhappy. Well, as someone who heavily writes about personal development, is on their own forever journey of personal development, and lives by the
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