Luciana da Silva Garcia, Nutritionist

Hi everybody, my name is Luciana and, like Simone and Lucas, I am also from Brazil. I am from Sao Paulo, though, not Brasilia. 🙂 I am a nutritionist who really believes in the power of food and science, and loves everything that involves food. I have been working with nutrition counseling for more than 20 years and It is going to be a pleasure to help each and every one of you in your journey for a healthier and better way to live and eat.
I had the opportunity to study and work in different areas of nutrition. By learning about Sports Nutrition, Health coaching, and finalizing my masters in Human Nutrition, I was able to integrate all this knowledge to help my clients to find their path through self-care and wellness. My work is to help you find your purpose and meaning about the way you eat, finding a more balanced, healthier and happier way to enjoy food.
What can I offer you?
For this special community, I will offer you one first consultation to help you understand better how can you combine food groups and improve your nutrients intake through food. For those who can come for an “in-person” consultation here in Atlanta, I will apply some measurements to guide us during the process and be aware of our body composition.
I will offer a second consultation two to three weeks after to adjust nutrients and identify if there is any behavior that may be blocking you to have a better result in your life, eating habit, and wellness. The cost for these two sessions is $150 and payable directly to me via PayPal. All information shared with me is private and confidential between you and I.
In order to attend nPowered’s Live sessions, you must request to join the Facebook group. You will be asked to provide your Order Number, which can be found in your receipt of purchase. This allows us to maintain a safe environment for our members.

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