Lucas Ribeiro, Astrologer & Therapist

Hi, I am Lucas Ribeiro, professional astrologer and holistic therapist. I am originally from Brasilia, Brazil, the same city Simone is from. And I live in Brazil! I can honestly say that astrology changed (and saved) my life, almost ten years ago. It was this knowledge that allowed me to recognize my true potential and align myself back to my core being. It was through the knowledge that astrology gave me that I was able to shift from a job that no longer fulfilled me and start my path as a therapist and a healer, around 8 years ago. Since then I have specialized in helping people find out their true calling and align back with their true selves.
If you don’t know much about astrology, you may be asking: what is a birth chart? And why is Simone asking the members of the nPowered community to have a session with me?
In the session you will have with me, we will do a complete reading of your birth chart and will  identify your true potential in all areas of your life. We will find out your resources, talents, tools, challenges, goals, learnings and life missions that are contained within all areas of the chart. The session lasts two hours and it is recorded for you to be able to rewatch it whenever you want. If you are open to something new, this will be a very enlightening session. If you have always been curious about astrology, you will feel right at home. Regardless of where you are, I will make you feel comfortable and I can promise you will learn things you never thought possible. I cannot wait to meet you!
The cost for the session is $80 and payment is made via PayPal. If you have not signed up to become a member of nPowered, do so here: https://coolnchic.com/membership-account/welcome-to-npowered/
In order to attend nPowered’s Live sessions, you must request to join the Facebook group. You will be asked to provide your Order Number, which can be found in your receipt of purchase. This allows us to maintain a safe environment for our members.

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