A gratitude letter for my sister Cinthya… Dear Cinthya, Thank you for being in my life and for being one of my best friends. It is amazing how much we have been through and where we are now. We had a rocky relationship since we were kids. I was the oldest and you were second oldest. Maybe there was some competition b
A gratitude letter for my sister Viviane… Vivi, Thank you for being my wonderful sister! You have always been the artistic one in the family and I admire you so much. Thank you for being so talented, so funny, fun, and the life of any party. You have always been the one who made us laugh and the one who cracked a jok
A gratitude letter for Luciana Garcia… Lu, Thank you so much for being one of the most positive people I know. It is always wonderful being around you. Thank you for being this beam of light in my life and anyone who gets close to you. Thank you for your wisdom and your love for teaching people how to be healthy. Tha
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